Mimomax Releases 700MHz Solution to Support Customers in 700MHz Upper A Block


Mimomax is pleased to announce the release of the 700MHz Upper A Block Tornado. The Upper A Block Tornado compliments Mimomax’s existing product line which includes solutions in 450MHz and 900MHz.

The Mimomax Tornado radio’s offer High Spectral Efficiency (QAM 256), Full Duplex, Low Latency (<3ms), Adaptive Modulation and a wide variety of other features. Available to be configured in Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint or in a Teleprotection variant the Mimomax Tornado is a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications, including IP, SCADA, AMI, Serial or leased line connectivity.

The introduction of the 700MHz Upper A Block Tornado is the first of an intended series of Mimomax products to be released in support of Utilities holding the 700MHz Upper A-Block Spectrum. Mimomax have been working closely with customers to identify their needs and develop a radio platform that will satisfy these in the future. If you are interested in the 700MHz Tornado or working with Mimomax to develop your future 700MHz network, please feel free to contact Paul Reid. Paul is our General Manager based in North America and would be happy to discuss your needs either via email paul.reid@mimomax.com or phone 832 387 3349.


See here for the latest information on Tornado and the 700MHz Tornado Specification Sheet.