The critical nature of Public Safety communications offers no second chances

Offering detailed path planning, ultra-low latency and robust antennas for the harshest of conditions, the solutions designed for Public Safety by Ubiik Mimomax deliver the coverage and mission-critical reliability required.


Key Features for Public Safety

  • Network redundancy via hot & warm standby 1+1 radio system
  • Five 9’s availability achieved by ultra-low latency and smart network design
  • Sub 1GHz frequencies and MIMO for superior coverage capabilities
  • Resilience to rain-induced fading and antenna offset due to ground movement in natural emergencies
  • Rapid response with point-to-point latency as low as 10 milliseconds
  • Routing Adaptation Protocol to ensure availability in ring topologies
  • Mitigation of interference and coverage across difficult terrain via comprehensive path planning
  • Latency and jitter rates compliant with digital, simulcast, voted and analog radio requirements




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