Need super reliable, ultra-fast voice communications to maintain your mission critical work?

Capacity, speed and coverage… even in non-line-of-sight deployments and across difficult terrain. With sophisticated traffic management techniques to maintain the criticality of voice backhaul, our point-to-point LMR Voice Backhaul networks offer the ultra-low latency and jitter required to comply with digital radio standards. Our system can also support digital and analog Simulcast.

For fast, secure and reliable voice linking, Ubiik Mimomax Tornado radios integrate with equipment from a range of vendors including:

  • Tait Communications
  • Hytera
  • Motorola
  • Harris
  • Simoco
  • Icom
  • Kenwood
  • BK Technologies

Ubiik Mimomax’s backhaul solution was designed to meet the mission critical standards required by Public Safety and Emergency Services organizations.  However, our Tornado radios are also an ideal fit for voice linking for utilities, gas, oil, mining and transport.

Read about our recent nationwide NZ Police linking network deployment HERE.


LMR Voice Backhaul Features

Seamless interfaces to your existing LMR network equipment
Ability to use lower orders of modulation to create robust, fade-resistant, longer paths due to MIMO technologies
Configured for Plug ‘n’ Play implementation
Ultra low point to point latency of sub 10 m/s in a 50 kHz channel
Sophisticated compression and Quality of Service (QoS) techniques to maintain criticality of voice
Connects with radios from Tait, Harris, Hytera, Motorola and Simoco

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