Need near-real time latency to protect your grid?

When power outages can result in penalties and damage to valuable assets, having near-real time visibility and control over your network is imperative. Our Optimized Protection Variant of our Tornado radios provides the ultra-low latency and jitter you require to locate and control faults immediately.


How does a Ubiik Mimomax Teleprotection Link work?

The protection relays use the radio link to exchange data packets at 64kbps, containing power system voltage and current magnitude, and phase angle information. This information is used to determine whether there is an unexpected event or power loss on the line and to transmit information used to trip circuit breakers when a line fault is detected.  

  • Interfaces supported: V11 (RS422), X-21, C37.94 or G703.
  • The Ubiik Mimomax Optimized Protection Variant also supports SEL Mirrored Bits.


Lowest latency rates in the narrowband market

In a 50kHz channel, operating at 256QAM, latency can be as low as sub 2ms, depending on the interface used.  Even in a 25kHz channel, all of the interfaces supported by Ubiik Mimomax can offer latency rates which sit below the stringent latency requirements of Category 1 teleprotection (i.e. less than 6ms).


Click here if you’d like to watch our webinar Solving Critical Communication Challenges for Teleprotection  or download our Teleprotection Linking Kit brochure.

Teleprotection Features

Ultra-rapid visibility and control with latency rates of 3 m/s in a 50kHz channel and sub 5m/s in a 25kHz channel
Minimize risk of outages and associated expense from severe faults
Maintain system availability to meet SAIDI & CAIDI standards

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