Ubiik Mimomax DER Communications offer capacity, resilience and speed.


As more and more Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) are integrated into the grid, resilient DER Communications networks are required to ensure utilities can maintain proactive control over these resources.


Near real-time visibility and monitoring

Offering maximum connectivity across your grid through our easy-to-install multi-tier narrowband network, Ubiik Mimomax’s DER Communications networks offer latency as low as 25-35 milliseconds in a multipoint environment for near real-time grid visibility.

Alternatively, consider a cost effective, small cell, pLTE network across licensed and unlicensed frequencies.

The result of upgrading your DER Communications is higher grid resilience and a greater ability for utilities to balance forecasted demand and bi-directional flows of energy.

Find out about Salt River Project, and their Ubiik Mimomax Field Area Network which will support a range of grid assets including Distributed Energy Resources.



DER Communications Features

Gain better control of bi-directional energy flows with near real-time network visibility
Easy plug ’n’ play installation of network endpoints
Connect more decentralized assets cost-effectively with a multi-tier approach
Monitor the grid with greater granularity with our high bandwidth solution – up to 1280kbps in 50KHz
Open interface standards for integration with legacy equipment

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