Coverage Design

With industry-leading in-house capability in Radio Network Design, Ubiik Mimomax can deliver designs for high availability, single point-to-point links through to complex multi-tiered, region-wide networks. Utilizing the latest coverage design tools, topology and morphology data, Mimomax endeavors to ensure C/I ratios are met to manage local cellular interference. In addition, due to our ability to provide more data capacity in narrowband channels, frequency reuse is possible resulting in a greater network capacity and an opportunity to mitigate self-interference across the network.
We have significant experience in drive testing and a well-utilized drive testing methodology. With data easily imported into our coverage tools, we have a high degree of confidence in our predictions.

Key features:

  • Encompasses advance planning processes and detailed Propagation Modelling
  • Ability to deliver turnkey designs or take a collaborative approach using a common design tools such as CelPlan, EDX Signal Pro and Pathloss 5.1
  • Access to equipment required for accurate drive testing

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