Need to replace backhaul linking for an existing simulcast LMR system?


Simulcast is an ideal option for non-urban areas where coverage is required over a large area but without  large number of users.  Offering multiple land mobile radio base stations on the same frequency with overlapping coverage, simulcast is a cost-effective solution to cover rural locations with few users.

Mimomax Tornado radios support digital simulcast natively and can support analog simulcast via an optimized version of our Four Wire Audio Interface which provides the highly stable audio latency required for simulcast linking.

This solution is ideal for upgrading or replacing existing simulcast backhaul or installing a new analog system using existing frequency licenses.

To find out more about Designing Simulcast Networks, read this article here.

Simulcast – Analog & Digital Resources

Simulcast – Analog & Digital Features

Ultra-synchronized mobile radio base stations to ensure extremely stable latency rates
Re-use your valuable spectrum – overlap coverage using simulcast.
Analog simulcast is provided via Mimomax’s upgraded Four Wire Audio interface.
Digital Simulcast is supported natively in the Tornado.

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