Radio Site Survey Service

Prior to any radio deployment, it is recommended that you carry out an assessment of potential or existing radio installations to identify the most suitable locations for your new radios.


This assessment will capture real world data on obstructions and spectrum to provide an accurate appraisal of the reliability of a radio site. This analysis also identifies mitigation measures which could improve the RF performance at a site.

The Radio Site Survey comprises of two parts:

  1. Physical Site Survey
  2. RF Site Survey


Physical Site Survey

This part of the assessment involves physically visiting the site where the radio will be installed. The main objective here is to determine key information prior to deployment such as the equipment and cabling required and antenna mounting in terms of height and distance.

Mimomax can provide a document which provides a Method of Procedure for carrying out the Physical Site Survey. This document provides guidelines to:

  • Facilitate proper planning, preparation,
  • Identify key items in terms of the radio site installation, and
  • Check through the RF network analysis and survey.


Radio Site Survey

The RF site survey is performed to identify any RF interference present at the site and gain an in-depth understanding on how to meet overall RF coverage requirements. The data generated from this survey can be used for making informed decisions about each site.

To assist with performing an RF Site Survey, Mimomax can provide:

  • Instructional documentation on how to capture spectrum data with an RF Analyzer
  • a Tornado Noise Floor Test Set for lease or purchase
  • a processing and reporting service on the captured data


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