How does Ubiik Mimomax achieve Superior Bandwidth Efficiency?

In radio propagation, signals travelling via different paths will arrive at a remote receiver at different times.  This multi-path effect is usually an issue, degrading radio channel performance due to fading and distortion.  At Ubiik Mimomax, we use the following technologies to create superior bandwidth efficiency:    



The Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) approach used by Ubiik Mimomax leverages these multi-path effects and improves channel performance and signal quality through the use of multiple antennas at both the transmit and receive ends.   



Our radios also incorporate built-in equalizers and highly selective bandpass filters.  The equalizers monitor the channels and equalize out any channel perturbations, thereby optimizing the link to provide better throughput, even in the presence of the multipath propagation referred to above.  


High order modulation

Combining MIMO technology with high order modulation, 256 QAM (leading edge in narrowband channels) means we can achieve 2-4 times the data throughput in a narrowband channel with our award-winning Tornado radio.   


Full duplex communications

Furthermore, the use of full duplex communication means our customers can transfer data in both directions simultaneously.  This is much more efficient for IP hungry activities such as updates of software and allows this to be done while continuing to monitor their network without interruption. 

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Ubiik Mimomax Glossary

Find out what all that narrowband communications jargon actually means with our Glossary: MIMO, Adaptive Modulation, Latency and more.

Full Duplex Communications

Grid modernization brings IP connectivity to the network edge, creating a need for full duplex communications to send and receive data simultaneously.

What is MIMO?

MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), is an advanced radio technology which increases the data capacity of a network without requiring more spectrum.