How will Full Duplex benefit your Network?

As critical infrastructure entities are in the process of modernizing their operations, they are using wireless communications to connect with more devices across their service territory.  These connections are bringing IP communications to the edge devices to give them more visibility and control but they also bring new requirements in terms of how these devices communicate.   Let’s look at full duplex communication – the ability to simultaneously transmit and receive data.


What is Full Duplex vs. Half Duplex?

A commonplace example of full duplex communications is a telephone call where both parties can communicate at the same time.  Half duplex, by comparison, would be a walkie-talkie conversation where the two parties take turns in speaking. 


Why is Full Duplex beneficial for Mission Critical Operations?

Many IP protocols do not operate well in a half-duplex environment making full duplex communications a greater necessity.  Also, as radios are now often supporting multiple serial and ethernet interfaces, many organizations are connecting their radios to multiple devices at each location.  Therefore, the need to support full duplex communication to receive information from one device while transmitting to another becomes imperative.    

Overall, full duplex communications enable organizations to modernize their operations, maximize the efficient use of the spectrum and improve the overall ROI of their modernization investments.

Ubiik Mimomax Tornado radios incorporate full duplex communications to provide our customers the ability to maintain network visibility while downloading or transmitting information across the network.

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Ubiik Mimomax Glossary

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Modulation Rates

Modulation rates outline the bits per symbol per transmission you can achieve. The more bits per symbol, the more data that can be transferred.

Bandwidth Efficiency

At Ubiik Mimomax we use a range of technologies including MIMO, full duplex and sophisticated filtering to create superior bandwidth efficiency.