What is Adaptive Modulation?

Adaptive Modulation is a technique which allows a radio to change its speed (modulation rate) as conditions in the radio network change.   

Interference from outside sources, such as changes in the environment (temperature, tree foliage, moving objects) all effect radio coverage.  If a radio is using a higher level of modulation and senses any interference via the signals it is receiving from another radio in the network, the radio in question will automatically decrease its modulation rate (e.g. from 256QAM down to 64QAM or 16QAM).   

Slowing down the modulation rate (which results in sending less data at a time) gives a greater probability that the data will be more immune to the effects of the outside interference.  This therefore increases the probability of the data transmission being successful.  

Ubiik Mimomax Tornado radios incorporate adaptive modulation as standard. 


How will Adaptive Modulation benefit my network?

Adaptive Modulation is of significance in networks requiring high reliability.  A radio network incorporating adaptive modulation has a key advantage as only the radio(s) experiencing the changes in coverage or interference will decrease their modulation rate in response.  The rest of the radios in the system will continue to operate at the highest modulation rate possible.     

By working independently of one another, isolated network conditions have less impact on the system as a whole, thereby creating higher reliability for mission critical operations.

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