What is MIMO?

MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), is an advanced radio technology which increases the data capacity of a narrowband network without requiring more spectrum.    

Ubiik Mimomax incorporates two transceivers in each Tornado radio.  Each transceiver can transmit and receive at the same time, meaning they are “full duplex”.  Operating at the same frequency, the transceivers both connect to a MIMO antenna.  One transceiver is connected to a vertically-oriented part of the antenna and the other is connected to the horizontal.   This results in double the capacity of data throughput in a narrowband channel compared to a standard SISO radio.   


How will MIMO benefit my Network?

In addition to increasing a system’s capacity without having to add additional spectrum, MIMO-based systems also offer improved coverage benefits.   

Radio signals bounce off objects causing reflections.  In a SISO-based system, these reflections crash into one another and a single receiver-based radio struggles to distinguish one signal from the other.  The net result is decreased coverage.   

As MIMO systems use multiple receivers and multiple antennas, the radios can process multiple signals simultaneously and distinguish one signal from the other.  This results in increased coverage performance and link reliability.

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