Leadership Team

Fabian Deelen

General Manager Client Services

Responsible for Pre-and Post-Sales Support, RF Engineering Services and Operational Client Support Services, Fabian joined Mimomax in November 2017.

Fabian brought extensive experience in Service Delivery following 10 years in the Utilities industry where he was responsible for Technical Field Services.  Prior to this, Fabian worked in IT Support and IT Project Management environments for various clients in the Government and Banking industries in The Netherlands.

Kok Heng Loh

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for the release of implementation for many innovative products at a series of multinational customers including Logitech, Siemens Medical, BMW Automobile, Renault and Toyota, Kok Heng Loh joined Mimomax in December 2007 as the Projects and Systems Manager.

Now the Chief Operations Officer, Kok Heng’s key responsibilities at Ubiik Mimomax include planning and managing the entire product creation process from product specification through manufacturing to customer rollout.  Furthermore, Kok Heng is responsible for ensuring the programme delivers against objectives, within budget and timeframes and to agreed quality.

James Dowle

Development Manager

With close to 20 years’ expertise in RF Hardware, FPGA and Signal Processing, James Dowle is one of the original members of Mimomax Wireless.  Following graduation from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), James spent five years at Tait Communications working in the research team prior to his move to Mimomax.  Initially focused on digital hardware, FPGA and signal processing, James held the role of FPGA and Hardware Team Lead at Mimomax prior to taking on his current role of Development Manager in 2019.