Mimomax is now offering analog simulcast over Tornado links via an upgrade to our Four Wire Audio Interface.

While digital simulcast is supported natively in the Tornado radio, this new option will be useful to utilities who have been using leased lines for linking their analog sites. This product enhancement becomes particularly relevant as latency guarantees gradually get removed by the telecommunications operators as they shift to an IP backbone.

“We have a number of customers who have an analog simulcast LMR system and need to replace the links due to a shift away from leased lines.  Others may have existing frequency licenses for their analog system which they would need to update if switching to digital,” says James Dowle, Development Manager at Mimomax. “This upgrade to our Four Wire Audio will allow those customers to extend the useable life of their existing analog systems.”

This new solution is based on the simulcast feature of Mimomax’s Series II radios which are deployed by various customers in North America.  A key feature of this product upgrade, however, is the ability to offer highly stable audio latency – a core requirement for simulcast linking.

“Analog simulcast is a tricky application and successfully deploying such a system requires the land mobile radio base stations to be very well-synchronized.  Therefore, our focus with this project has been on avoiding any variation in latency,” says Mr Dowle. “The tests we have carried out with a key customer in California have provided excellent results and we’re pleased to be able to bring this solution to the market.”


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Edited January 26, 2021