Ensuring connectivity for smart devices today and into the future

In recent years, predictions for utilities, transport and municipalities has centered around a proliferation of ever-smarter devices.  From monitoring usage of electricity and gas and connecting sustainable generation (DERs) like residential solar through to smart street lighting, smart parking and smart highway signage, communities of the future will be reliant on devices to boost efficiency.

Each of these devices need connectivity which is reliable and, due to the scale of devices in question, cost effective.  Ubiik Mimomax offers solutions for LTE and NB-IoT which bring the security and reliability of 3GPP standards plus the cost-effectiveness of small cell deployment.


Key Benefits of our LTE Connectivity offer:

  • Standardized and flexible cellular approach to low-power, long-range networks
  • Support for a range of bands including Band 8 (Anterix), Band 103 (700MHz NB-IoT), Band 54 (Ligado)
  • Solution-in-a-box for building an LTE or NB-IoT network
  • Ability to utilize a user’s specified core network or one built into goRAN™ directly

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