Requiring ultra-resilient communication links with field officers during a major US sporting event, a public safety organization engaged Mimomax to provide wireless radios for their public safety voice backhaul.



The organization had previously experienced issues with their legacy leased lines communications which were used to backhaul voice communications from the field to dispatch.  Their communications engineering team realized they needed a plan B to ensure that if the leased lines dropped, their field officers would still be able to reach the dispatch team.



Having experienced their old lines dropping out after heavy rain followed by a long wait for their telco provider to carry out repairs and with a significant public event on the horizon, the public safety organization decided a voice backhaul upgrade to boost resilience was paramount.  Given the possibility of dealing with threats to human lives or officer safety, five 9’s availability was cruicial.  Mimomax’s Tornado radios have been precision engineered for mission critical voice requirements and offered a fast, cost-effective option for deployment in the 4-week turnaround time available.



Days before the event kicked off, the organization was notified that the phone lines had dropped out again and the decision was made to run the new Mimomax system in parallel with the old system to provide communications resilience.   The Mimomax Support team were able to remotely check the radio logs to confirm that the radios were performing optimally, and the system went live for real traffic.

During the sporting event, the communications team were reassured to have redundant communications in place, ensuring their field officers could connect to dispatch in the event of an emergency.