Requiring a robust, mission-critical wireless solution to link a network of Tetra digital radios for a mining customer, mobile communication supplier, Gencom, selected Mimomax to provide a high capacity intelligent linking solution which could withstand the high temperatures of rural Australia.


Key challenges

Due to the extreme conditions and difficult terrain, Gencom was looking for a linking solution offering hardened terminals which could operate across a wide temperature range and maintain a high level of availability, even under adverse conditions.

In addition, the solution needed to provide enough data capacity to run a number of voice channels across a narrowband 25 KHz channel.  As the mining customer also used relocatable communications trailers, the linking solution needed to offer very low power consumption to allow for solar powered operation.



Mimomax provided a very low latency, high capacity Network Digital Link point-to-point solution which would support 7 mission critical voice backhaul channels in addition to data payload traffic.

Offering full system functionality up to 60 degrees C, the Mimomax system was also sealed against dust, water and vermin and could be run on solar power due to the low power consumption of the Mimomax radios.

Rerouting adaptation protocols were also incorporated in order to reroute data to the next available radio link to prevent data loss and reduce network downtime.



The progressive network architecture of the Mimomax NDL solution offers very high availability under adverse conditions and also allows for redundant operation.  Performance was also optimized due to intelligent routing and Quality of Service (QoS) systems ensuring the simultaneous transport of voice and control data.

The availability of the system was also maximized due to the use of high gain, dual-polarized antenna which enabled wide beamwidth to accommodate shifts in location from the transportable communications trailers.

In addition, the ability to operate the system using solar power made the Mimomax solution approximately 65% more efficient than other solutions that were considered, thereby reducing operational costs for the customer.


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Our robust communication solutions are deployed across the globe in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations to support industrial infrastructure for Utility, Oil and Mining companies and to provide linking for Public Safety and Transport organisations. 

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