As one of North America’s premier systems integrators for critical communications infrastructure, RACOM required a reliable P25 backhaul solution as a replacement for their own T1 link.  With their focus on designing, selling and maintaining the communications technologies used in emergency responses, RACOM couldn’t afford to have any unreliable communications equipment in their network and so replaced the the T1 link with Mimomax Tornado radios.

“We needed a reliable backhaul from our Ames P25 site to our Network Switching Center. The site was using a T1 that was often unreliable and affecting our customers’ critical communications. Mimomax quickly provided us with a non-line-of-sight and reliable solution to work around the T1,”

Mike Miller, President & CEO at RACOM Corporation


The Challenge

While the terrain is fairly flat across the path between Wallace Hall at Iowa State University in Ames and the tower RACOM were using on the other side of the city of Ames, there was another communication tower in the middle of the 6-mile path.  It was therefore imperative to find a narrowband solution which could support non-line-of-sight communications.  Furthermore, significant interference made the intended 900MHz frequency unusable and so RACOM needed to find a solution which could work in other frequencies.


The Solution

Mimomax provided RACOM with Tornado radios for 450MHz to work around the interference issues they were experiencing in 900MHz.    High data throughput combined with non-line-of-sight ability made the Tornado radio the ideal T1 replacement solution for this scenario.

“We knew Mimomax is a leader in highly reliable, non or near line-of-sight links and having radios available in 450MHz allowed us to find a clear frequency.  Mimomax were able to move very quickly to help us out and the link has proved super reliable so far – it hasn’t dropped once.”

Mike Miller, President & CEO at RACOM Corporation


About RACOM Corporation

Location: Marshalltown, Iowa

Industry: Critical Communications

Services: Premier systems integrator for critical communications infrastructure.