Mimomax have released redundancy capable functionality into their Tornado product line bringing into the market a fully functioning 1+1 radio offering the choice of both hot and warm standby mode.

Doug McConnell, Mimomax Chief Technology Officer, said of the development, “It’s great that we can now offer our customers greater comfort knowing that they have a backup radio ready and waiting if any problems arise. Mimomax radios have been designed for reliability and robustness meaning that historically the demand for a redundant capable Mimomax solution hasn’t been that high. We know that the environments and applications that our solutions are being deployed in are business critical and that having this capability just adds more weight to an already secure solution. It’s like a life insurance policy we expect and hope it isn’t needed but its ready and waiting if it is”

The new redundant solution joins the Mimomax product line of exceptionally reliable, spectrally efficient narrowband radios operating in UHF, 800MHz, 900MHz and the 700MHz Upper A-Block spectrum. Mimomax has recently been announced as the preferred vendor for Salt River Projects (SRP) FAN deployment. This latest offering is part of SRP and multiple other customers current deployment plans.

Contact Paul Reid ussales@mimomax.com to discuss how the solution might benefit your organization.

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