End of Sale & End of Life for specific versions of Series II

Mimomax announces the End of Sale date and End of Life date for specific versions of the following product(s):



Series II – Point to Multi-point




Series II – Point to Point

  • Digital Board IPN: XMWL-DPS-AAAA


End of Sale date: 31 August 2019

End of Life date: 29 February 2020


The End of Sale and End of Life dates only apply to the above-mentioned specific versions of our Series II radios.  These versions will be removed from the Mimomax product sales portfolio and unavailable to customers to purchase.

Other versions of our Series II product such as Point-to-Point with Digital Board XMWL-DPS-BAAA will continue to be available for sale and support.


How to check if your Series II radio is impacted:

To confirm if your Mimomax Series II radio is impacted by the End of Sale announcement, check the software version showing on the right-hand bottom of the login screen. If the software version on your login screen starts with OPV2…, BRU… or RRU… then your Series II product WILL be affected by this End of Sale Announcement.

Replacement options are available for your existing Mimomax Series II radios (including digital board replacement option for Point to Point). To discuss the options, please contact your regional Mimomax account manager:


Western North America: Dennis Sullivsn, dennis.sullivan@mimomax.com

Eastern North America: Keith Woodall, keith.woodall@mimomax.com

Australia/New Zealand: Ronald Martinez, ronald.martinez@mimomax.com

International: Paul Reid, paul.reid@mimomax.com


Further information for download:

Mimomax Product Life Cycle Policy v1-8

End of Sale Notification Series II – PtMP and PtP-IPN XMWL-DPS-AAAA

End of Life Notification Series II – PtMP and PtP-IPN XMWL-DPS-AAAA