freeRAN™ LTE Base Station

The freeRAN™ Base Station is an innovative and a cost-effective solution for creating a private LTE (pLTE) network.

The solution utilizes LTE-M technology and provides a standardized and flexible 3GPP compliant cellular approach to low-power, long-range networks suitable for IoT devices.

Offering a standardized and flexible cellular approach to low-power, long-range networks, the freeRAN™ Base Station provides a solution-in-a-box for building an LTE network either utilizing a user’s specified core network or one built into freeRAN™ directly.

The freeRAN™ Base Station utilizes the unlicensed ISM band (902MHz – 928MHz), reducing the significant cost barrier to deploying a pLTE network of securing licensed spectrum.

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Features Included

Supporting bidirectional wireless communication for both stationary and mobile IoT devices
Software definable
Connection to the cloud via either Power over Ethernet (PoE) or LTE backhaul
Ideal solution for remote data collection, monitoring and management of IoT devices
Integrated Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS)
Linux operating system to allow for easy plug-and-play operation

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