Ubiik Mimomax Pyxis

Sharing common features and interfaces with our high spec Tornado radio, Pyxis has been designed to operate either as a stand-alone radio or to be deployed alongside Tornado as a Tier II endpoint in a multi-tier network. Offering network auto discovery for fast deployment and utilizing sophisticated data compression techniques to optimize data throughput in narrowband channels.

Currently available in 700MHz and in 25kHz or 50kHz channel sizes.

Features Included

Network auto-discovery and LED diagnostics for fast and simple deployment
Dual serial ports, a GPIO port, Power over Ethernet and wide input power range (from 10.5-60 volts)
Data acceleration via sophisticated data compression techniques to increase bandwidth
Mimomax's Media Access Control for priority scheduling plus random access for remotes to minimize unnecessary polling
Sophisticated Network Management incorporating Over-the-air programming, Fault Management, Configuration, Administration performance and Security
Lower total cost of ownership when integrated into field area networks

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