IP Infrastructure for SCADA


Key use: Improved interoperability between IP SCADA equipment 


Mimomax is an IPv4 Infrastructure.  Therefore, any IP RTU using any SCADA protocol will be supported by our network.

For example, we can seamlessly run any SCADA protocol if the RTU connects IP to the radio.  Moreover, Mimomax radios can convert a large number of serial SCADA devices from serial to Ethernet to benefit from running over IP.  In some cases, Mimomax can create seamless links or clusters in which the RTU traffic is serial from all ends.  There is therefore virtually no limit to what SCADA protocols can be supported in cases of Ethernet-2-Ethernet or Byte-oriented Serial-2-Serial connections.


DNP3 Control & Monitoring (DNP3-C)


Key use: Implementing control of devices


In addition to supporting external SCADA protocols like DNP3 from RTUs, the radio itself is capable to support DNP3 for Control & Monitoring (referred to as DNP3-C).  In this instance, the radio itself acts as a DNP RTU (Slave) for a SCADA Master.

The radio can be optionally added to the DNP3 monitored network of devices, if applicable. Beyond this, Mimomax supports four independent I/O lines which can implement control by the DNP Master remotely as Binary Outputs.  This is relevant for relay-like applications where the use of an RTU may be excessive or non-economical.

Industries we work in

Our robust communication solutions are deployed across the globe in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations to support industrial infrastructure for Utility, Oil and Mining companies and to provide linking for Public Safety and Transport organisations. 

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