Still struggling with 9.6 Kbps?

Latest technology advances including dual transceivers and maximum modulation techniques take your existing 9.6 Kbps communications to full duplex capability with data rates up to 640 Kbps in each direction.  That’s 1280 Kbps aggregate data capacity now available to you. 

This could be the answer to all your grid projects, including upgrading your slow, serial-based SCADA or MAS systems.


Click below to learn how our advanced technologies such as MIMO and QAM256 optimize data capacity in narrowband channels.  

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Once upon a time, utilities ran their SCADA/MAS across networks offering a whopping 9.6Kbps!

Unfortunately for some organizations out there, they are still struggling to run their data across those ageing networks.  With data demands proliferating in recent years, 9.6 Kbps based networks simply can’t cope, let alone provide any of the latest security advancements or grid future proofing.  Furthermore, there has been a shift away from the older serial protocols used towards IP-based protocols.  With new advanced wireless solutions available from MiMOMax, the time for change has arrived.

MiMOMax Wireless can offer you an upgrade path where aggregate data rates of 1280 Kbps (640 Kbps in + 640 Kbps out) can easily be achieved as well as integration between serial and IP-based equipment.  Allowing you to connect multiple assets across your network and transfer voice and data with latency sitting as low as 5 m/s, a solution based around our award-winning Tornado radio could help modernize your grid and transform how you do business.


Key benefits of upgrading your SCADA/MAS Network:

  • Connect more assets, optimizing your investment in spectrum;
  • Achieve far greater rates of data throughput to meet your demands of today and into the future;
  • Get near real-time feedback on your network with our ultra-low latency solution;
  • Integrate older serial-based equipment with IP-based assets.


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Disclaimer – results gained from a desktop path assessment are not recommended for use as the sole calculations for a network design.  We recommend more detailed path planning be carried out by a professional prior to deployment of any narrowband links.