Radio Cabinet Design, Manufacturing & Integration Service

Designed to free up customer labor, Mimomax’s Radio Cabinet Design, Manufacturing and Integration Service will take the headache out of provisioning cabinets as part of point-to-point or point-to-multipoint deployments.


Our team will work out a design to suit your technical requirements and the environment where the cabinet will be located.  In addition to standard inclusions, optional extras can be selected; from HVAC units to mounting plinths and foldable laptop trays.  Mimomax will then also assist you to determine the list of equipment which will be housed in the cabinet from DC power supplies, batteries and switches or routers.


After the cabinet specifications are complete, the Mimomax team can source all the components for your team, or you can have your suppliers ship the components directly to our warehouse for assembly.  The Mimomax team will then integrate the cabinet components, carrying out the wiring, configuring and testing to ensure operational integrity.  Placards listing the site name and number will be mounted on the exterior and all equipment serial numbers will be recorded on the as-built documentation prior to shipping.



  • Streamlined purchasing with only one part number
  • Free up your labor and resources while the Mimomax team carries out assembly, integration and testing
  • Leverage Mimomax FAN expertise to ascertain cabinet requirements
  • Opt for our standard model or select one of the multiple customization options available
  • For Point-to-Point and Multipoint deployments


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