Pre-deployment Services

Ubiik Mimomax offers a range of Pre-deployment services designed to make life easier for our customers – from in-house engineering support to design a network or carry out site assessments through to training to ensure customer teams are skilled up to operate their Ubiik Mimomax equipment. Our Pre-deployment services include:


  • Point-to-point path planning

Offering a link design and assessment including a report with the design outcome, Google Earth imagery, availability statistics and recommendations.

  • Point-to-multipoint coverage design

Providing the best possible desktop view of point to multipoint feasibility, obstructions and performance using an industry recognized tool with up-to-date clutter data.

  • IP Engineering

Hosted workshops to assist customer network architects and engineers to ensure that all parties are aligned around the IP Architecture for the UbiikMimomax FAN including interfacing requirements, security, radio configuration, end-point configuration and access requirements.

  • Site Survey (Physical & RF)

This assessment will capture real world data during the pre-deployment phase on obstructions and spectrum to provide an accurate appraisal of the reliability of a radio site.

  • Drive Testing

A qualified Ubiik Mimomax Engineer can drive test the deployment area to ascertain real world performance and interference.

  • RF Licensing

Using site information, tower locations and antenna details gathered for preliminary path planning and design projects, our team can manage RF licensing with your local regulatory authority.

  • Cabinet Design & Integration

Designed to free up customer labor, our team will work out a design to suit your technical requirements and the environment where the cabinet will be located.

  • Customer Training

Providing the customer with pre-deployment product training, tailored to customer’s requirements and offered either in-house or online.


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