District Council in New Zealand's South Island selects cost-effective multi-tier SCADA solution

Requiring a robust water SCADA communications network to replace an obsolete system in their service area, a District Council in New Zealand’s South Island deployed a two-tier multipoint network from Mimomax through Canterbury Communications Limited.


With an old SCADA system approaching end-of-life, the council required a modernized, upgraded communications network which could provide the data throughput required to have full visibility of their water network at an affordable price point.  Having reviewed available narrowband systems, the council found that the multi-tier option from Mimomax was the most cost-effective.  The provision of support locally from nearby Christchurch was also a key consideration.


In order to provide the organisation with a cost-effective solution, Mimomax designed a network comprised of a mix of radios, across two tiers to cover backhaul point-to-point links and multipoint endpoints.  This two-tier system offered a communications network tailored to suit the data needs at each level.

Sixty-five lower capacity endpoints from GE are located across the council’s service area, transmitting the water SCADA data.  The higher data throughput offered by the Tornado radios allows this data to be aggregated and backhauled from their reservoirs to the operations centre in the council building.

Prior to deployment, the Mimomax team also provided training on the commissioning and use of the radios and continue to provide on-going support through Canterbury Communications to ensure system availability remains high.