Mimomax is pleased to release Tornado radio software version 4.7.2, enhancing point-to-point data throughput via 75kHz channels and greater performance for Teleprotection customers via mirrored bits support and reduced C37.94 asymmetry.


Key 4.7.2 software enhancements include:


  • Incorporating support to upgrade channels from 50kHz to 75kHz channel bandwidth.  This new development brings full duplex, aggregate, gross data rates of 1920kbps and a 40% improvement in our already low latency rates!


  • Support for SEL’s proprietary Mirrored Bits communications – ideal for utility customers using SEL equipment for Teleprotection


  • Reduced asymmetry for C37.94 links – enhancing performance for the Teleprotection application by reducing asymmetry down to ±250 μs range


This upgrade is provided without charge to Mimomax Support customers via our online customer portal.

For customers without a support contract, if you would like to upgrade to this latest software version, please contact your Regional Sales Manager for pricing.