Narrowband is traditionally the realm of Single Input, Single Output radios offering limited kbps.  Ubiik Mimomax, however, brings broadband-level technologies, often seen in 45 & 5G advancements, into narrowband channels with our award-winning Tornado radio.


Our advanced technology includes:

MIMO – MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output), is an advanced radio technology which increases the data capacity of a narrowband network without requiring more spectrum.    Ubiik Mimomax incorporates two transceivers in each Tornado radio, operating at the same frequency and both connected to a MIMO antenna.  One transceiver is connected to the vertically-oriented part of the antenna and the other is connected to the horizontal.   This results in double the capacity of data throughput in a narrowband channel compared to a standard SISO radio.  For more detailed information on how MIMO works, click here.

256QAM – Using high orders of modulation such as 256QAM results in more data transfer across your network.  Modulation rates simply outline how many bits per symbol per transmission you can achieve.  Higher orders of modulation involve more bits per symbol which leads to greater amounts of data being transferred.  To understand more about how modulation rates impact communication, click here.

FULL DUPLEX – This is the ability to simultaneously receive data from one or more devices while transmitting data to others.  Many IP protocols do not operate well in a half-duplex environment making full duplex communications a greater necessity as utilities shift towards more IP operations.  Read more about the benefits of full duplex communications here.

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Ubiik Mimomax Glossary

Find out what all that narrowband communications jargon actually means with our Glossary: MIMO, Adaptive Modulation, Latency and more.

Modulation Rates

Modulation rates outline the bits per symbol per transmission you can achieve. The more bits per symbol, the more data that can be transferred.

Bandwidth Efficiency

At Ubiik Mimomax we use a range of technologies including MIMO, full duplex and sophisticated filtering to create superior bandwidth efficiency.