As part of a SCADA modernization project for an oil pipeline, Mimomax was selected to provide a network of highly reliable, ultra-low latency links for IG O&M S.p.A by their system integrator, Ponti Radio PR, Italy.


Key challenges

Hampered by a technologically obsolete radio network with low-speed FSK links, the oil pipeline, serviced by IG O&M in Italy, was undergoing an upgrade to the telecommunications system which underpinned their SCADA system. The addition of new pumping stations, new valves and a leak detection system as part of a 180 km extension project created additional requirements for communications links. The upgraded network was designed to provide monitoring and control of telemetry points along the length of the pipeline and would also link the Dispatching Centre and pumping stations.

The addition of this new monitoring equipment had also increased the requirement for higher data capacity – as a result, sourcing a solution which offered excellent bandwidth efficiency combined with ultra-low latency for rapid feedback was critically important.



Mimomax Tornado – offering superior data throughput for narrowband channels and ultra-low latency for real-time monitoring.

Application: SCADA for leak detection and remote-control management.

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Our robust communication solutions are deployed across the globe in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations to support industrial infrastructure for Utility, Oil and Mining companies and to provide linking for Public Safety and Transport organisations. 

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