Ubiik Mimomax Tornado Radio

Our award-winning Tornado radio is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in narrowband channels for SCADA and voice linking.  Utilizing MIMO technology, full duplex communications and high order modulation, the Tornado is ideally suited as a SCADA radio with aggregate data rates of up to 1280kbps in a 50kHz channel.

Latency rates as low as 3ms in 50 kHz channels using the Optimized Protection Variant and sub 10ms in a standard point-to-point configuration bring near real time response rates for utility applications or critical communications voice backhaul.

For ultra-reliable redundant communications, we have a Tornado 1+1 system and a redundancy upgrade option for existing Tornado customers.  See the 1+1 specs PDF below.

Tornado radios can also be mounted outdoors – see our Outdoor Specs PDF below.

Features Included

Utilizes MIMO technology to double capacity in narrowband channels - 1280kbps in a 50kHz channel
Operates in licensed frequency bands between 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz, 757-788MHz, 806-960MHz
Adaptive Modulation (QPSK up to 256QAM) to ensure all links remain independent
Built-in duplexers and band-pass filters to minimize interference
Ideal as a high-capacity SCADA radio or voice backhaul link
Isolated Power Supply with low power consumption
Supports a combination of ethernet and RS232 interfaces for ease of integration with legacy systems
Factory-standard Software Feature Enablers included in the radio: CCMS, SNMP, MDAP. Plus MSEC (for multipoint deployments) and MSYNC (for teleprotection).

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