There’s still time to make 2018 count.

Now’s a great time to invest your leftover 2018 budget.  Are you tasked with finding solutions to various point-to-point projects?  Or do you need to boost the reliability of your network into 2019 and beyond?


From letting go of Leased Lines with their associated costs and lack of carrier support to upgrading from 9.6 Kbps to gain reliable visibility over your grid, click below to see if the latest generation of fixed wireless could work for your projects.


  • Gain the five 9’s availability you need for your critical infrastructure communications and meeting your SAIDI/SAIFI/CAIDI goals;
  • Become IP capable – use the latest devices and features from the companies that supply your grid equipment plus use network management platforms to monitor your grid performance;
  • Enjoy greater grid visibility to proactively manage your operations before that outage becomes an issue;
  • Rest easy with interference-free communications over licensed spectrum.


Click on the links below to see how we could help you with the following problems:

Leased Lines Replacement

Replacing your leased lines with a secure, licensed, IP-based network is central to your grid modernization needs and will enable you to monitor your assets and backhaul your voice or data without interruption or interference.

Read more about Leased Lines Replacement.

SCADA/MAS Upgrades

Is your utility still struggling with 9.6 Kbps?  With data demands proliferating, 9.6 Kbps based networks simply can’t cope, let alone provide any of the latest security advancements or grid future proofing you might require.  See performance issues before they become outages and gain the visibility you require to know your operation is as efficient as possible.

Read more about SCADA/MAS upgrades.

Microwave Link Replacement

Reduce your O&M costs associated with the maintenance and footprint rental fees of your microwave transmission and gain the benefits of longer links and higher reliability associated with narrowband channels.

Read more about Microwave Link Replacement.


To survive an emergency, your network needs redundancy built in to ensure you have visibility over key aspects of your grid and allow you to restore services as rapidly as possible.  Bring five 9’s availability into your business by investing in a robust communications network.

Read more about Redundancy.

Try our free Path Assessment to find out whether our award-winning Tornado radios could provide the communications you need for a more reliable grid.


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