Ideal for SCADA, DA, AMI & Telemetry

Mimomax is pleased to announce an extension to their market-leading product range with the release of their new radio, Pyxis.

Sharing common features and interfaces with our high spec Tornado radio, Pyxis has been designed to operate either as a stand-alone radio or to be deployed alongside Tornado as a Tier II endpoint in a multi-tier network.

Just Released: Mimomax Pyxis Narrowband Radio


Key features & benefits:

  • Network auto-discovery and LED diagnostics for fast and simple deployment;
  • Lower total cost of ownership when integrated into field area networks;
  • Utilizes sophisticated data compression techniques to increase bandwidth in narrowband channels;
  • Mimomax’s Media Access Control;
  • Dual serial ports, a GPIO port, Power over Ethernet and wide input power range (from 10.5-60 volts).


If you would like to find out more about how Pyxis could benefit your organization, please get in contact today.

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