Cost-effective option for pLTE offers a future-proofed solution for Australian mining operations


With the sunsetting of 3G  by Telstra at the end of August 2024, mining operations are looking for a solid, future-proofed communications solution to provide connectivity to their equipment and people.


Private LTE (pLTE) networks have been touted in recent years as the future for mass connectivity, however, cost to deploy has typically been the biggest barrier.

The introduction of a new compact pLTE base station which operates in the unlicensed 915MHz band is proving to be a game-changer for deploying pLTE for mining, especially in the wake of the 3G sunset.  


freeRAN™ is lightweight and compact meaning it can be mounted on existing infrastructure bringing significant reductions in both cost and deployment time.  Paired with our ruggedised Pyxis LTE endpoint, a freeRAN™ pLTE network brings all of the benefits of 3GPP standardised communications in terms of throughput and security, without the associated costs of securing spectrum.

Download the spec sheet for freeRAN™ here.


Keen to trial pLTE using the unlicensed 915MHz band? 

Click HERE to send a request to our sales team about getting your hands on our “freeRAN™ kit”.  This kit contains everything you need to get into the field to test how pLTE could upgrade communications for your mining operation.