Deployment Services

The deployment phase of a project can be intense. Where customer teams are lean, our team can provide key services to ensure a smooth rollout of a deployment from project management and commissioning through to managing the lengthy process of documentation.

The Deployment Services we offer include:


  • Project Management

Ensuring a seamless rollout of the Ubiik Mimomax network, a Ubiik Mimomax project manager brings experience of large scale wireless telecommunications deployments plus provides a direct line to the various Ubiik Mimomax internal resources (development, logistics, manufacturing, etc) for input and quick updates.

  • Field Commissioning

Field resource availability on the ground to perform or help customer staff with the commissioning of Ubiik Mimomax radios and links, ensuring the solution is ready for production.  This service includes support with radio configuration, link testing and troubleshooting and offers the benefit of hands-on training of customer staff  to gain experience with the commissioning tasks.

  • Dedicated Back Office Support

Gain use of a dedicated Ubiik Mimomax Support Engineer to help with the set up, roll out and management of a customer’s Ubiik Mimomax FAN solution including tasks such as  Configuration, Documentation, Troubleshooting and Performance Auditing.

  • Drive testing (Coverage Validation)

After the Tier I Base Stations have been deployed (or at defined keymilestones of the deployment) one of our team can drive test the network to validate the coverage provided by the RF Network Design. Data is analyzed and a final report provided outlining any recommendations including modifications at sites or any requirement for additional sites to fill coverage holes.

  • Documentation

Creation of deployment and maintenance-focused documentation, related to customer specific environments, processes, workflows and templates. This service ensures a common understanding and consistency of the Ubiik Mimomax solution deployment.


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