Ubiik Mimomax Tornado X

Tornado X is a high transmit power addition to Ubiik Mimomax’s full duplex, MIMO product range.

Tornado X is ideally suited as:

  • a base radio for coverage limited multipoint systems or networks where traffic is uplink predominant
  • a point-to-point linking radio for longer links and obstructed paths.

Offering a transmit power which remains stable across all modulations, full compatibility with the Tornado radio also allows for a mix of radios in the network to suit terrain or throughput requirements.  Software flexible and ultra-spectrally efficient, Tornado X offers extremely low latency to provide near real-time communications and visibility across critical infrastructure.

Ubiik Mimomax also has a high-power remote radio for use in multipoint networks only.  Find out more about Tornado XR here.

Currently available in 700MHz or 900MHz and in 12.5kHz, 25kHz or 50kHz channel sizes.

Features Included

High transmit power remains stable across all modulations
Ideal as a high-power base in coverage limited multipoint networks
MIMO, Full Duplex and 256 QAM bring the ultimate data capacity in narrowband channels
Built in duplexer and filtering to minimize interference
Also ideal for long or obstructed point-to-point links
Full compatibility with Tornado allows for a mix of radios in a network

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