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Mimomax is renowned for the spectral efficiency of our communications solutions which allows our customers to achieve far greater levels of data throughput in the narrowband channels they have available.

Mimomax technology continues to push the boundaries of both data capacity and speed in licensed narrowband channels. Combining a deep understanding of radio communications with a culture which fosters innovation and collaboration has created a winning formula for both our company and our customers.



How do we do this?

Mimomax technology continues to push the boundaries of what is expected in terms of both data capacity and speed in licensed narrowband channels. Our Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint software-definable radios are engineered for low latency and high capacity – maximizing data throughput in narrowband channels through combining a range of advanced technologies including:


MIMO Radio

MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) Mimomax incorporates two transceivers on each radio that can transmit and receive at the same time -“full-duplex”. One transceiver is connected to a vertically-oriented part of the antenna and the other is connected to the horizontal.  How will it benefit your network? Learn here.


Full Duplex Radio

Full-Duplex Communications means our customers can transfer data in both directions simultaneously.  This is much more efficient for IP hungry activities such as updates of software and allows this to be done while continuing to monitor their network without interruption.


High Modulation Radio

Technological advancements in recent years have sped up the transmission significantly to create much higher orders of modulation.  Unique in narrowband channels, Mimomax provides 256QAM which allows our solutions to deliver greater capacity.


built-in duplexer

Our solutions also incorporate built-in equalizers and highly selective bandpass filters. The equalizers monitor the channels and equalize out any channel perturbations, thereby optimizing the link to provide better throughput, even in the presence of the multipath propagation referred to above.


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The result is more data through the pipe and ultimately a greater return on investment in the spectrum our customers own.  Furthermore, our solutions offer a cost-effective alternative to large infrastructure builds as they are quick to deploy.


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“The Mimomax team has done an outstanding job meeting SRP’s needs. Their technical expertise, innovative approach and customer service have been very much appreciated.  It is clear that SRP made the right choice to partner with  Mimomax and we are very excited for the future.”

CHRIS CAMPBELL | Senior Director Of Grid Modernization Services – Salt River Project

Field Area Network


Network Design: Mimomax Multi-Tier Solutions

With industry-leading in-house capability in Radio Network Design, Mimomax can deliver designs for high availability, complex, multi-tiered, region-wide networks. Offering the ability to support capable, reliable, and secure telecommunications for mission-critical communications right to the edge of the network, the multi-tier Field Area Network solutions use advanced communication technology and innovative network design from Mimomax.

Field Area Network


The result is an engineered solution that provides the ability to better manage a) differing capacity requirements across the network and b) frequency reuse. This overall offers better value for money. Read more: Balancing coverage and capacity with cost.



Key Features for Utilities:

  • Near real-time visibility, feedback, and response via ultra-low latency – ideal for Field Area Network and teleprotection 
  • Simultaneous SCADA monitoring and software updates via full-duplex communications 
  • Maximize return on investment through connecting multiple assets in your grid   
  • High data throughput via our award-winning Tornado radio
  • Efficiently manage DERs and two-way flow of power with a resilient, high capacity communication network 
  • Ability to manage differing data capacity demands across the network using a two-tier approach 
  • Faster, more cost-effective deployment with a narrowband solution 


Mimomax at UTC Telecom & Technology 2020

UTC TnT 2020

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Narrowband UHF SCADA

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