Product launch: New high transmit power radios for critical infrastructure

Mimomax is pleased to release two new products to join our award-winning Tornado radio family – Tornado X and Tornado XR.  The two radios offer full compatibility with the standard Tornado radio, allowing for a mix of radios in a multipoint network to suit terrain or RF conditions.

Sharing similar technological advancements as the original Tornado radio, such as MIMO, high order modulation and full duplex, both of the new radios offer a high transmit power which remains stable across all modulations.

“For our utility customers, this introduction of Tornado X & XR provides a greater level of flexibility around which radio to deploy at sites across their networks to achieve optimum results,” says Paul Reid, CEO of Mimomax Wireless. “For our public safety customers, however, the focus is on providing high availability point-to-point links for voice.  Tornado X will allow these customers an option to support longer links or to combat more difficult terrain while also achieving the high capacity and low latency that Mimomax is renowned for.


Tornado X and Tornado XR in 700MHz are available for order today with further frequency bands in development for release in 2022.


Find out more about these new products HERE.